Mike, Mary, Justin, and Jake discuss Cabin in the Woods and Until Dawn, two titles that pick apart horror in their respective media.

If you’re a horror enthusiast–whether it be horror movies or video games–chances are you’ve heard about Cabin in the Woods. It’s known for deconstructing horror tropes and archetypes, and challenged us, as viewers, to see the horror genre differently. And then there’s Until Dawn, a horror game that’s approaching cult classic status since its release last year. It isn’t as introspective as Cabin in the Woods, but shares a lot of the same self-aware tropes. As a sort of special edition episode, we decided to compare, contrast, and wax poetic about both titles.

The long road home.

In the alternate history of Homefront: The Revolution, America is on its knees, utterly dominated by a foreign invader–its landmarks destroyed, its resources pillaged, its people subjugated. This unsettling future makes for an evocative, ambitious premise, but the resulting shooter can’t quite live up to that potential, in part because it suffers from a larger than average number of mild but persistent technical issues. In the interest of providing a fair and thorough review, we’ve decided to hold our final verdict until I’ve had more time to test the game on Xbox One and PC, as I spent the majority of my time playing on PS4.