Bleszinski weighs in.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has shared his early reactions to id Software’s long-awaited and just-released Doom. Writing on Twitter, Bleszinski said he’s enjoying the game a lot, but had one “minor” piece of criticism–and it’s the same one he has for Gears of War. Check out the tweets below (via DualShockers).

Combat Week runs May 13-19.

Rockstar Games has detailed the next weekly event for Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode.”Combat Week,” as Rockstar is calling it, starts today, May 13, and runs through May 19. As part of the event, Rockstar is offering discounts on heavy artillery and vehicles from the Warstock supplier. Additionally, items and services from Ammu-nation and Merryweather are on sale.

One more day in paradise.

“We receive the due reward of our deeds.” So reads the inscription on an artifact discovered in the early hours of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It’s a passage from the Bible, spoken by Saint Dismas, a man crucified on the same day as Jesus. He spent years robbing and murdering innocent people before being sentenced to death for his crimes. And with those last words of revelation, Dismas earned the title of the Penitent Thief.

When I'm sixty-four.

Chronos is a game about combat mastery. Hostile encounters lead you through its world, separated only by puzzles and moments of discovery. Understanding your enemies and overcoming them is key to moving forward, while death acts as the teacher that keeps you after class to discuss what you did wrong. Some foes can prove highly difficult, but learning their patterns and how they react to your actions turns such encounters from stilted and daunting to rhythmic and exhilarating. Chronos could be accused of mimicking a number of different games, but what it does with all it has makes for a highly enjoyable experience that stands on its own despite a few flaws.

Amir Hekmati is now "trying to put his life back together as best he can."

The former video game developer and United States Marine who was released by Iran in January is now suing the country, claiming he was tortured while in captivity. Amir Hekmati said in a lawsuit filed this week that he was viciously tortured–physically and emotionally–during the four-and-a-half years that the Iranian government held him. Hekmati had been in prison since 2011, after he was arrested in Iran on charges of espionage.